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The Main Event

Go; your faith has saved you
Jeremiah 31:7-9; Psalms 126:1-6; Hebrews 5:1-6; Mark 10:46-52

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:52

Several years ago, the first people in the world who were blind from birth underwent successful cataract surgery. One can imagine the wonder with which, for the first time in their life, they saw a rosebud, a sturdy oak, a sunset, an ocean wave. One young woman was so overwhelmed by her first glimpse of the world around her that she closed her eyes and kept them shut for days. When, finally, she opened her eyes again, she could only say, over and over again, “O God! How beautiful!” But not everything was beautiful for these patients. The world turned out to be bigger and more complex than they expected. Unable to judge distances, they reached for things a mile away and cracked their shins on furniture they perceived only as patches of color. Seeing themselves for the first time in the mirror made many of them unhappy and self-conscious. Some wouldn’t go outside. The father of one young woman wrote her surgeon that his daughter began shutting her eyes when she walked around the house and seemed happier when pretending to be blind again. A fifteen year- old boy demanded to be taken back to the local home for the blind. “I can’t stand it anymore,” he said. “If things don’t change, I’ll tear my eyes out.”

Now, if sight is so problematic on a physical level, how much more complicated it becomes on a spiritual level. We happily sing, “I once was lost but now am found/was blind, but now I see.” But how many of us would desire to receive our sight if, by sight, we meant spiritual sight — seeing ourselves through the eyes of Jesus — seeing our world, our life, our God, through the eyes of Jesus?

The early Church leader, St. Augustine, once was confronted by a man who showed him his pagan idol and said, “Here is my god; where is yours?” Augustine replied, “I cannot show you, my God, because you have no eyes to see Him.”

In today's Gospel Lesson, the story of the blind man named Bartimaeus presents us with the question: [...]

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