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A Divine Exclamation!

He has done all things well... He makes the deaf hear
Isaiah 35:4-7; Psalms 146:7-10; James 2:1-5; Mark 7:31-37

Sermon Week Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 7:37

The famous longshoreman-philosopher author Eric Hoffer was cared for as a child by a Bavarian peasant woman after his mother died. For about eight years during this period of his life, Eric Hoffer was blind. Years later he had this to say about the woman who cared for him:

"This woman, Martha was her name, took good care of me. She must have really loved me because I remember those eight years of blindness in my childhood as essentially a happy time of my life. I remember a lot of talks and a lot of laughter. I must have talked a great deal as a child because Martha used to say to me again-and-again, 'do you remember when you said this? Do you remember when you said that?' And I realized that she had been listening to me and remembered what I said. And all my life I have had this feeling about myself: that what I think and what I say is worth listening to and remembering. This is the gift she gave me!"

When we give to those who are close to us the feeling that what they think and what they say are worth listening to, we are offering them one of the genuinely priceless gifts -- the gift of love.

Jesus is in our midst now seeking to cure our "spiritual deafness." He wants to open our ears to His Good News of a loving God who is calling us into union with Himself in His life of Love. He wants to loosen our tongues, enabling us to speak plainly the language of Love in our relationships with all others.

One Sunday morning, a woman named Helena sat in Church and listened intently to a reading of the episode in today's Gospel Lesson:

A man who is deaf and has a speech impediment is brought before the Lord. Jesus is asked to use His healing power to cure these defects. Jesus took the man aside, "put His fingers into the man's ears and touched his tongue with spittle. Then, looking up to Heaven He sighed; and he said to him, [...]

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