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Just Ask

Daughter, your faith has restored you to health; go in peace, and be free from your complaint
Wisdom 1:13-15,2:23-24; Psalm 30:2,4-6,11-13; II Corinthians 8:7,9,13-15; Mark 5:21-43

Sermon Week Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 5:34

Once upon a time, a man was told that he had an incurable illness. Naturally, the news filled him with great sadness. Like us all, the man had wonderful hopes and dreams, and now it seemed that they would never come true.

But the man heard reports of a magical wizard who did many wonderful things. So one day, he visited the great wizard. “What is it you want?” asked the wizard? “I have dreamed of a home of my own to live in with many rooms and fine furniture.” “You have but to ask,” said the wizard. With that, he snapped his fingers and there stood a castle, far more beautiful than any he had ever imagined. The man was filled with joy. But then, in time, he remembered the illness, and again his joy turned to sadness. So he returned to the wizard.

“What is it you want of me?” asked the wizard? “I have dreamed of fine, rich and beautiful clothes.” “You have but to ask,” said the wizard. Once again he snapped his fingers and at once the man was clothed in the finest garments and the man was filled with happiness. But then, in time, he remembered the incurable sickness, and a great sorrow overcame him.

“Why are you still sad?” asked the wizard? “Have I not fulfilled your dreams and hopes? Do you not have a castle, and clothes and material goods just as you wished? Why, then, are you still sad?” “Because I have an incurable illness,” the man cried. “Ah ha! I can cure that,” said the wizard. The man’s face quickly changed to hope. “If you can cure the sickness, I don’t care where I live or what I wear. None of that really matters if you can cure my sickness.” “You have but to ask,” replied the wizard. So he snapped his fingers, and in the twinkling of an eye, the man was cured of his illness. So the man walked away -- away from all of his material possessions -- filled with joy, and happier than he had ever been.

So what does [...]

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