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His Name is Love

Keep those You have given Me true to Your Name, so that they may be one like us
Acts 1:15-17,20-26; Psalm 103:1-2,11-12,19-20; I John 4:11-16; John 17:11-19

Sermon Week Seventh Sunday of Easter Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 17:11

As the story goes, a rich widow who lived in Washington, D.C. died. In her Last Will and Testament, she left all of her estate to God. Her strange bequest gave rise to legal entanglements. In order to settle the estate, the lawyers in the case made sure that all the proper procedures were followed to the letter. And so they prepared a lawsuit which named God as one of the parties. A summons was issued requiring God to file a legal response. The summons was delivered to the sheriff, whose responsibility it was to serve such papers. When the sheriff's final report reached the court, it read, “After a due and diligent search, it has been determined that God cannot be found in Washington, D.C.”

“God is love,” Scripture tells us. And sometimes we struggle to reach through to God as if He were far away -- as if He were strange and hard to find. Sometimes we are so intent on our search that we pass Him by. And yet…

He is speaking to us with a thousand voices and revealing Himself in a thousand faces. Looking for God is like looking for the air when all the time we are breathing it. It is like looking for the sun when all the time we are basking in it. Once we recognize God as love, we do not call for Him and agonize for an answer. We see Him everywhere. We see Him looking at us from the eyes of mothers and fathers and wives and husbands and children and neighbors and friends and strangers too — even enemies. We feel His Presence in every touch of a friendly hand. We hear His voice in every kind word. When we know that God is love, we find Him in every loving thought, word, and deed, and we are one with Him. When we know that His Name is love, we are never alone. -1

In today’s Gospel Lesson we read that a short time after the Last Supper, in the presence of the Apostles, Jesus prayed to the Father, saying,

“Keep [...]

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