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Hey Google!

Sir, we should like to see Jesus
Jeremiah 31:31-34; Psalm 51:3-4,12-15; Hebrews 5:7-9; John 12:20-33

Sermon Week Fifth Sunday of Lent Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 12:21

How would you like to get real-time answers to things you want to know from a voice-activated, computerized personal assistant? Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, according to the advertising, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you purchase “Google Home” — a nifty device that you can ask to play your favorite music, navigate your TV viewing, surf the web and a whole lot more. So imagine, the minute you take it out of the box and set it up you can’t wait to get started asking questions: “Hey Google,” you say, “what time is it?” And your assistant gives you the precise time to the second, in any corner of the world. “Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today?” and the voice, which can be programmed to speak in a variety of languages and different accents, responds with a detailed forecast including temperature, the chance of precipitation, relative humidity, UV index, sunrise, sunset and so on. How about a tricky one? “Hey, Google, how much is 8,452 times 66?” And in an instant, Google spits out the answer: “five-hundred fifty-seven thousand, eight-hundred and thirty-two.” So just to mix things up you decide to throw a softball Google’s way. “Hey, Google, who is Jesus?” And then comes the surprising answer: ”I'm not sure how to help you with that.” You heard it right. Real users of the new device have discovered that the seemingly all-knowing Personal Assistant has nothing to say about Jesus. According to initial press reports, Google Home was able to identify Buddha, Muhammad, and Satan, but could not provide any details about Jesus. The reason for the omission? According to a Google spokesperson, “If our systems detect content that may be vulnerable to vandalism and spam, the Assistant might not reply.” And at last report, responses for all religious figures on Google Home have been temporarily disabled, and replaced by the default answer, “Religion can be complicated, and I’m still learning.”

Of course, as Christians, we know that Jesus was not just a great man who can be searched on the web. We know that Jesus is the Messiah — [...]

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