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Pledge Of Allegiance

... the things that are God's
Matthew 22:15-21

Sermon Topic Hypocrisy

Sermon Week Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 22:21


The basic teaching of all of Scripture is intended to help each one of us experience wholeness of life as individual persons -- to become the unique masterpiece of creation God intends for us to be. One of our problems is that some of these teachings are so obvious we tend to take them for granted. Consequently, it is valuable from time-to-time to pick them out and hold them up and look at them in a new way. For example, it is perfectly clear from the teaching of Scripture that if we are to become whole persons it is essential for us to let God be God in our lives; to acknowledge that He is the Creator, that He is the Source of life, that He is the Sovereign Lord of our lives. And to the extent that we pledge our allegiance to Him as the Sovereign Lord of our lives, His Power is released within us. This is the clear teaching of Scripture from beginning to end -- from the story of Adam and Eve to the enriching Presence of Christ in the New Testament.

The 33rd Psalm is an example of how this dominant theme is woven through Scripture. The Psalmist talks about what the Sovereignity of the Lord means to our individual lives. "Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him," he says. But then he suddenly shifts gears and says that the same allegiance belongs to God on the national level. This Psalmist tells his people that the nation will be great, the nation will be strong, the nation will be blessed, not in accordance with its military power, or who the king happens to be, but in accordance with its willingness to acknowledge the sovereignity of God, its willingness, to pledge allegiance to God. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord," he cries out (Ps. 33:12).

Translated into our life today, the Psalmist is saying, "We will be great, not if we have brilliant and charismatic leaders, not if we have a huge Gross National Product, not if we [...]

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