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Which Way The Wind Blows

You must love the Lord your God ... you must love your neighbor as yourself
Exodus 22:20-26; Psalm 18:2-4,47,51; I Thessalonians 1:5-10; Matthew 22:34-40

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 22:37,39

There is a story told about the Apostle John, the one who wrote "God is Love." In the evening of his long life, he would sit for hours with his younger disciples gathered at his feet. One day, one of his disciples complained: "John, you always talk about love, about God's love for us and about our love for one another. Why don't you tell us about something else besides love?" The beloved disciple who once, as a youth, had laid his head over the Lord's heart, is said to have replied: "Because there is nothing else, just love ... love ... love."

Love is the only way to our true human destiny ... and to the foot of the Cross ... and to the altar of God who is Love.

Human love has been compared to the sunshine which shines brightly on the trees of the forest. The trees sink into the earth and finally are dug up as coal. When the coal burns, it returns the light and heat that came from the sun. Like the trees which receive sunlight, the human heart receives the capacity to love from God. Then, in union with another heart, love burns, and returns again to God the love that came from Him.

Today's Gospel Lesson contains a phrase we return to, again and again, until we're sure we understand its implications. The phrase reads, "You must love the Lord your God." Let's stop right here and drink it in. What are the implications of this commandment? How do we manifest our love for God? We communicate this to Him in the experience of prayer, of course. We position ourselves in God's Presence and we give thanks that He is a loving God. We thank Him for the gift of life, for the things of life He has given us to possess and enjoy. We thank Him for telling us through Jesus that we are not abandoned on planet earth, and that He is even now Gracing the world and its people -- moving us toward the blessed state of fulfillment we need and want. [...]

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