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Never Let Go!

As the Father sent Me, so I am sending you
Acts 2:1-11; Psalms 104:1,24.29-31,34; 1 Corinthians 12:3-7,12-13; John 20:19-23

Sermon Week Pentecost Sunday Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 20:21

A pastor made an investment in an old farm which he planned to enjoy in his retirement years. Still leading a very active church, he would take one day off each week from ministry to work on his property. But what a job! He soon realized that the farm he bought was nothing more than several acres of weeds, gopher holes and run-down buildings. By any measure, it was a mess, but the pastor was sure it had potential.

So every week he would go out to his land, crank up the old tractor and plow through the seemingly endless weeds and brush. Then he'd concentrate on much-needed repairs to the buildings. He'd mix cement, cut lumber, replace broken windows and patch up the plumbing. It was hard work for sure, but after several months things began to take shape. And every time the pastor completed a project he would beam with pride. Indeed, his hard work was beginning to pay off.

One day the minister received a friendly visit from a neighbor who lived a few miles down the road. Familiar with the old place, the man took a long look around. And though there was still much work to be done, the neighbor was impressed. Nodding his approval he said, "Well preacher, it sure looks like you and God have been busy out here."

The pastor, wiping sweat from his face, replied, "That's nice of you to say but I've got to tell you something. You should have seen this place when God had it all to himself!" -1

In each of our lives, as Christians, there is a mighty work to be done. But with God's help, we can conquer life's biggest challenges. In today's Gospel, Jesus is calling His disciples to proclaim the Good News of a loving, merciful God. And so too, Jesus is calling us to a gracious God who wants us for Himself.

"Peace be with you. As the Father sent Me, so I am sending you" Jesus said to His Apostles on the first Pentecost Sunday. "After saying this He breathed on them, and said [...]

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