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Wavy Hair?

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. . . keep those you have given Me true to Your Name, so that they be one like us
Acts 1:12-14; Psalms 27:1,4,7-8; 1 Peter 4:13-16; John 17:1-11

Sermon Week Seventh Sunday of Easter Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 17:11

For those not familiar with Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren, for more than four decades, those names were big, really big. I'm talking Oprah and Ellen and David Letterman big. Long before Facebook and Twitter and Google, they provided a forum for millions of people to ask questions and share their life experiences in their syndicated newspaper columns know as "Ask Anne Landers," and "Dear Abbey."

In one of the columns, a young woman was seeking matrimonial advice. "Dear Abbey," she began, "I'm twenty-two and head-over-heels in love. The man is thirty, has beautiful wavy hair and a perfect build. I want to marry him and he is begging me to say yes, but I am a bit hesitant for the following three reasons:

"First, he drinks a little too much and sometimes forgets things like where I live, where he parked his car, and where he put his wallet.

"Second, he likes to job-hop. He has no trouble getting a job, but after a few months he becomes bored and quits.

"And third, he teases me a lot which is very cute. He says things that aren't true just to get a reaction. Later, he tells me he was only kidding.

"I am willing to overlook his faults because nobody I know is perfect, and besides, he is the most exciting man I've ever met. He says marriage will change him. Will it? Signed, Katie."

The columnist replied: "Dear Katie, Wow! Congratulations on an offer of marriage from a job-hopping lush with a faulty memory. No. Marriage won't change him but it will change you. You won't find him so thrilling when he forgets to bring home the paycheck. And the teasing and spells of unemployment won't be so cute when you have children to feed and doctor bills to pay. So, if you want a thoroughly messy life, go ahead and marry a guy because his hair is wavy. Signed, Abbey."

Of course, that young woman is not alone. Most of us learn early in life that our individual, often superficial hopes and dreams can lead us astray. There is in every [...]

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