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Our Blessed Reality

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Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe
Acts 2:42-47; Psalms 118:2-4,13-15,22-24; 1Peter 1:3-9; John 20:19-31

Sermon Week Second Sunday of Easter Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 20:29

In the novel "Grand Hotel," a working class man is confronted with the fact that he has only a short time to live. He decides that before it's "his time," he will throw his meager savings into one last fling. He reasons that before he dies, he is entitled to at least one taste of what he thinks is the real life. So he goes to a fashionable hotel in Berlin, and there he tries to indulge himself in all the amusements and excitements it can offer. But somehow the experience doesn't go as well as he thought it would. So he decides to discuss his experience with another of the hotel guests. "What is real life?" he asks him. I want to know because I haven't felt it yet. I have been to the casino, and here I am sitting in the most expensive hotel, but all the time I know it isn't the real thing. All the time I have the suspicion that real life, genuine life is going on somewhere else and is something quite different."

"Yes," says the other guest, "but what's your notion of life? Does life exist at all as you imagine it? The real thing is always going on somewhere else. When you are young, you think it will come later. Later on you think it was earlier. When you are here, you think it is there -- but when you get back there, you generally find that life has doubled back and is waiting here -- here in the very place you ran away from. It is the same in life as with the collector who pursues the purple swallowtail butterfly. As you see it flying away it is wonderful, but as soon as it is caught, the colors are gone, and the wings bashed." -1

There is a touching tale of an elderly couple who have just entered a nursing home. The wife's mental state has been declining to such an extent that it is no longer safe for her to remain at home. But sadly, the wife believes the problem [...]

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