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All who are on the side of the truth listen to My voice
Isaiah 52:13-53:12; Psalms 31:2,6,12-13,15-17,25; Hebrews 4:14-16,5:7-9; John 18:1-19:42

Sermon Week Good Friday Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 18:37

Seven-year-old Jenny loved writing in her journal. It delighted her parents to see how she was able to work through things that were bothering her by expressing herself in this way. One day she decided to record an entry in the form of a letter, addressed to God. "Dear God," she began, "are boys better than girls? I know you are one but please try to be fair!" Sadly, Jenny was expressing anxiety over being born a girl. Already she was concerned about the prospect of having to swim against the tide because, after all, she reasoned, God Himself is male.

Jenny was of course too young to know that by raising the question she became a part of a great Revolution that is affecting all of mankind. After thousands and thousands of years, we are just breaking into a new Era of gender equality. And sadly, some days it seems as though for every two or three steps forward, we take one step back.

A woman remarked to her pastor that it would be good for the Church if women were granted equal time in the pulpit. "My dear," the pastor said, "you must remember that Jesus chose twelve men to be his Apostles." To which the woman replied, "In that case, I would conclude that every time twelve clergymen get together, one of them is a Judas Iscariot."

You know, she is right. Every time twelve clergymen get together there probably is a Judas among them. And every time twelve lay persons get together there probably is a Judas among them too. Each one of us, in fact, can look into his or her heart and find something of Judas in there. Like Judas, we are free to say "Yes" or "No" to God's Will. Like Judas, we are free to push God's Will aside in favor of our own stubborn self-will. Like Judas, we are free to decide that we know better than God knows what is best for us.

In an ancient Good Friday legend, Jesus has died on the cross and all the angels in Heaven [...]

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