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A Very Big Deal!

I am the Resurrection
Ezekial 37:12-14; Psalms 130:1-8; Romans 8:8-11; John 11:1-45

Sermon Week Fifth Sunday of Lent Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 11:25

As you some of you know, it's customary for many seminaries to send their advanced students into parishes for a kind of internship before ordination. As the story goes, as one such seminarian was delivering the last message of his internship, he noticed a woman in the congregation who was silently crying. Immediately after the final blessing, he went outside the church to ask the woman why she was so upset, and if he could be of any help. She said, "It's because you are leaving us." With all the false modesty he could muster, the seminarian replied, "Oh, please don't worry. I'm sure they'll send someone better to replace me." To which she countered, "Oh, that's what they say every year but it keeps on getting worse and worse."

While we're on the topic, in a popular comic strip-1, a preacher is greeting members of his congregation at the door of the Church after services. A young man in the congregation is finding it hard to suppress a yawn as he says, "See you next Sunday, preacher." Next, a determined-looking woman steps up. Obviously displeased, she says, "Pastor, as a member of the Worship Committee I must tell you I was hoping you could excite the congregation with your preaching." To which the pastor replies, "Yes, but I said I could excite them -- not raise them from the dead!"

And then there is the true story of a young man who had heard lot of talk in the family about his uncle, who was known as a gifted preacher. One Sunday his parents took him to a Church where his uncle was presiding, and there the young man sat as he listened to the moving sermon on the crucifixion. The boy got so caught up in his Uncle's powerful message that tears came to his eyes. But as he looked around, he became suddenly aware that not only were the people around him unmoved, but they were looking at him as if something was wrong. Naturally this upset the boy very much. After the service, he asked, "Dad, Why did [...]

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