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This Is Why I Was Born

The word was made flesh, He lived among us
John 1:1-18 or 1:1-5,9-14

Sermon Topic Christmas

Sermon Week Christmas Day Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 1:14


Today is Christmas Day! When the Puritans ruled in America, they strongly disapproved of setting aside any special day -- except Sunday, "the Lord's Day". So, in the year 1652 they passed an act of Parliament to cancel Christmas. To show they meant it, they decided that Parliament would convene on Christmas Day just as on any other day of the year and everything related to Christmas was banned -- from mince-pies to Church attendance. A writer named John Evelyn, together with his wife and some others, defied the ban and went to Church on Christmas Day. He recorded what happened: As they were receiving Communion, a party of musketeers broke in. They waited until the service was over, then arrested the worshippers. However, they were soon let go because the authorities were unsure of how to punish people for going to Church.

No one is likely to try cancelling Christmas again, but for many, perhaps, the real Christmas already is cancelled. Perhaps the true cause for celebration already has been forgotten.

Rejoice and be merry in songs and in mirth!
O praise our Redeemer, all mortals on earth!
For this is the birthday of Jesus our King,
Who brought us salvation -- His praises we'll sing.

Cancellation or renewal -- which will it be? Christ at the center or Visa/Master Card?1

Many Persons, over the years, have railed against the commercialization and secularization of Christmas. As far back as the year 1827 an American Episcopal Bishop complained in these words: "The devil has stolen Christmas, the day of our spiritual redemption, and converted it into a day of worldly festivity." More recently, a book called "God In Unexpected Places," contained this protest: Christmas is coming -- the birthday of Christ the King! I know it is because all the signs are in the air. For weeks I've been hearing the TV ad people telling me to do my Christmas buying now, and avoid all the confusion of the last minute rush. Christ, our King, is this why you were born?

Christmas is coming -- the birthday of Christ the [...]

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