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Stewards Of The Feast Of Life

All these will I bestow on You if you prostrate Yourself in homage before me
Matthew 4:1-11

Sermon Topic Temptation

Sermon Week First Sunday of Lent Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 4:8


A man named John Pettigrew was one of the volunteer workers in the highly organized Stewardship Campaign of a large midwestern Church. Being a highly disciplined person, John Pettigrew meticulously carried out his responsibility. He visited each family that had been assigned to him, without exception, calling back several times if necessary if no one was at home. He filled out with precision the record cards he had been given. He presented the Church's case for the need for loyal support with vigor and enthusiasm. His very last call was to an elderly woman who listened to his pitch for a while but then became very angry. She said to him, "John Pettigrew, I knew your grandfather, I knew your father and now you come along. You Pettigrews are all alike. I've despised you for years and if you don't leave this house I'm going to break this broom over your head." He made a hasty retreat to his car, pulled out the report card and wrote, carefully, "Doubtful prospect."

In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus is tempted three times by the devil. Like John Pettigrew, the devil presented his case with vigor and enthusiasm, only to discover that Jesus is a "doubtful prospect." The scenario ends when the devil takes Jesus to a very high mountain and shows Him all the kingdoms of the world, then makes this pitch: "All these I will bestow upon You if You prostrate Yourself in homage before me." To which Jesus replies, "Away with you, Satan, for Scripture has it that you shall do homage to the Lord your God; Him alone shall you adore" (Matthew 4:9-10). Clearly, Jesus perceives that the devil's offer is fraudulent. The kingdoms of the world are not the devil's to give. They are God's, and God's alone. We are merely the caretakers of what we possess. God loves us so much that He has appointed us stewards of His earthly kingdom, and has granted us the privilege of using that which we possess, to His honor and glory.

God has charged us with the responsibility not only of [...]

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