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Did You Find Joy?

Well done, good and faithful servant
Matthew 25:14-30 or 25:14-15,19-21

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Sermon Week Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 25:21


Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, talked a great deal about establishing our life's priorities. In one of his writings, he asks us to imagine life as a big triangle. Then he tells us to arrange along the base of that triangle all the things in life we regard as important. Then, he tells us to start moving those things up the triangle toward the apex. As we proceed upward, the base will get smaller, so that we will need to dispose of more and more things as we proceed toward the apex. We will drop the things of lesser importance and we will cling to the things we consider to be of greater importance. Finally, when we reach the top of the triangle -- the apex -- there is room for one thing only. Consequently, we will ask ourselves, "What is the one most important thing in our life, above all else?" The answer for us, of course, is to live in harmony with God's Will -- to invest our life in doing God's Will.

In the parable in today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus is telling us that God has entrusted each one of us with a life -- our own life. And that He will enhance that life, enrich that life, fulfill that life if only we are willing to invest it in His plans and purposes. God wants us to risk our lives on His plans and purposes. God wants movement in our lives; God wants growth in our lives. The parable is a rather involved story and in some ways a little mysterious:

The story is about an employer and three employees. The employer is about to go away on a long trip. Before leaving, he gives each employee a sum of money to be invested. When he returns from his trip, the employer discovers that two of the men have doubled the amount entrusted to them. But the third man is still holding on to the original amount. The third man explains his failure saying, "My Lord, I knew you were a hard out of fear [...]

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