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Take A Step

...The Kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of the Kingdom
Matthew 21:33-43

Sermon Topic Love

Sermon Week Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 21:43


A woman of advanced age began to have hearing problems. Reluctantly she gave in to suggestions from family members that she consult an ear specialist. After the doctor had made a thorough examination of the woman's ears, he said to her, "You have a condition which can be corrected by minor surgery. I suggest we do it as soon as possible. This will give us our best chance to correct your hearing problem." To which she replied, "There will be no operation, thank you. I don't want to correct my hearing problem. I'm eighty-nine years old and I've heard enough!"

That "I've heard enough" feeling is no stranger to many of us. Many of us endure it daily at Six O'clock or Eleven O'clock News Time: reports of murder and other violent crimes -- we've heard enough; reports of political corruption in high places -- we've heard enough; reports of armed conflict between nations and peoples -- we've heard enough; reports of unfair and dishonest business practices -- we've heard enough! All of which clearly indicates that the New Testament Good News report of a loving God's plan for the reconciliation of all mankind in his Kingdom of Love is not being heard nearly enough.

Jesus employed many different ways of communicating the Good News of God's love to his disciples. He instructed them through prayer. He instructed them through miracles. He instructed them through the Scriptures. He instructed them through ordinary conversation. And, He instructed them through parables, as in today's Gospel Lesson: The "Parable of the Tenants."

In this story, the owner of a vineyard leases it to some tenant farmers. For three successive years the tenants forcibly resist the owner's efforts to claim his rightful share of the harvest. They murder his agents who come to collect. And, after three harvests, they are in a strong position to acquire ownership of the land by means of what we would call "squatters rights." If they can successfully resist the owner's claims following the fourth harvest they will be in a legal position to assert ownership for themselves. The [...]

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