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Jesus Christ Is The Message

...give them something to eat
Matthew 14:13-21

Sermon Topic Jesus Christ: as Message

Sermon Week Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 14:16


A generation ago, a man named Marshall McLuhan emerged as the wise man of the Communication Era. His name was on the lips of all the intelligentsia. Debating McLuhan's writings was the "in" thing at cocktail parties and other social gatherings. Some said that 95% of what he was saying was just babble. Others said that they were not in a position to put him down because they didn't understand 95% of what he was saying. Varied as the opinions and interpretations have been, most people who read him seriously seem to agree that the 5% that is left is good grain, that McLuhan was saying something that all of us needed to hear.

His central thesis was that we have left one era of human development and have entered a whole new era, and that this has been caused by dramatic advances in technology, particularly television and electronic circuitry. McLuhan said that this is bringing in a whole new human being, unlike the one we had before. Most of us are keyed to receive information and communication and experience on one level: the printed page or the spoken word. But our young people are no like that. Because of TV, they receive the message on all levels at once.

If we're really looking, we can see this in our worship experience. Most of our older folks go out from Church asking the question, "What did he say in there?" But not our young people. They rarely ask that question. The question they ask is, "Man, what happened in there?" And that's a very different question. It's not "what he said," it's not words or information or ideas on a conceptual level, it's what happens to us as a People.

Marshall McLuhan's most popular book is entitled "The Medium is the Message." All he means by this is that the message which gets through is not the word context or the idea context, but rather the medium that contains or communicates the message. The medium is not just a container for the message, the medium is a process; it's an [...]

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