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A Simple Test

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us
John 1:1-18 or 1:1-5,9-14

Sermon Topic Christmas

Sermon Week Christmas Day Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 1:14


When John the Baptist "appeared in the wilderness, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins," he announced the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus in these words: "After me comes He who is mightier than I am, the thong of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop and untie" (Mk. 1:4, 7). This passage reminds us of the story of a former mayor of the City of Boston.

In keeping with his campaign promises to remain in close touch with the needs of the people, especially the poor, the mayor, soon after he was elected, spent several days in the city slums incognito. Unshaven, and dressed in tattered clothes, he went to a seedy boarding house and begged to have a room for the night. "I'll give you a room and breakfast if you'll chop some fire wood," the clerk told him. So the mayor rolled up his sleeves and began to chop. But it was evident that he had little experience wielding an axe. A young boarder about to enter the building saw what was happening and said to the mayor, "Mister, give me the axe. You don't know how to use it." Whereupon, the young man, with sure strokes, cut the entire woodpile in short order. While thanking the young man for his kindness, the mayor decided to reveal his true identity. "Here is my card," he said. "If you will come to my office next week I'll see that you get a job and a better place to live." The young man looked at the card, then walked away, shaking his head and saying to himself, "Poor man! He's crazy! He thinks he's the mayor of Boston!" The following week, however, he found himself curious enough to visit city hall where, to his surprise and delight, he discovered that the poor man who couldn't swing an axe really was the mayor. And the mayor, true to his promise, gave the young man a job and the opportunity to live in a better place than the seedy rooming house where they had met. And [...]

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