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Get Off Your High Horse

...their ears are dull of hearing, and they have shut their eyes
Matthew 13:1-23 or 13:1-9

Sermon Topic Responsibility

Sermon Week Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 13:15


"Sailbad the Sinner" is the name of an old sailboat owned by Baptist Minister, Jess Moody. One day, Moody and his son boarded the little sloop at a Florida Everglades dock and set off on a wild ride to nearby Palm Beach Inlet. Moody tells the story of what happened:

It is a twenty-five minute trip from the Everglades dock to Palm Beach Inlet, the entrance into the open ocean. As we neared the inlet, I noticed my son, Pat, straddling the pulpit. The pulpit is the very fore part of the boat, called the "bowsprit." It is the place from which the old-time "pulpit riders" on the giant schooners warned the captain and crew of submerged danger ahead. This was my son's favorite spot. He'd ridden up there every time we went out to the inlet. The waves or swells were always just active enough to give him a mild dash of excitement. This time, as we turned into the inlet, I noticed it was much rougher than I had ever seen it. The waves were about six feet high and pipelining right in on us. Suddenly I realized that Pat was still up front, riding the pulpit.

"Get back here, son!" I shouted into the wind. He tried to obey me but it was too rough to let go. So he just held on for his life. A large wave hit the prow and sprayed me with a cold shower. Pat held on -- but there were more and rougher waves ahead. We were in real trouble. I couldn't turn around in the narrow inlet -- too many rocks and too little room. And my only son was about to fall into a churning sea -- without a life jacket. He could be hurled into the big rocks or he could be attacked by sharks or barracuda. I noticed his leg was bleeding profusely. "O God, save my boy," I pleaded. In order to make it out of the inlet, to smoother waters, the boat would have to be turned into the big waves. Two or three of [...]

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