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Daddy You're Wonderful!

Which of the two did what the Father wanted?
Matthew 21:28-32

Sermon Topic Father

Sermon Week Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 21:31


A little book compiled by Mary W. Lightfoot entitled "The Heart of a Father" contains the following contribution by James G. Gilken:

You say I exaggerate the splendors of a fine home? That the love and loyalty which gradually take shape within a family are not worth what they cost? Consider this incident, reported from New York City. One afternoon an extremely popular opera was scheduled for performance at the Metropolitan Opera House. A famous tenor was to sing, and every seat was sold. But just before the curtain rose a disappointing announcement was made. The famous tenor had fallen ill; his role that afternoon would be sung by an almost unknown substitute. So the performance began, and the substitute tenor made his entrance and sang his first aria. Usually that solo is followed by a tumult of applause; this time the audience sat silent. Then something dramatic happened. A small boy, seated in a box near the stage, rose and addressed the singer. In a high, childish voice audible to everyone he exclaimed, "Daddy, you're wonderful!" Then, suddenly, everyone was clapping furiously ... clapping and wiping away tears. How much are family love and loyalty worth? They are beyond price.

"My father's generosity was large, and so was his whole soul; he was affable, eloquent, and sweet in his conversation." Those words were written in the year 1494 by a man named Baber, a fifteenth century Emperor of Hindustan.

"Our father always played at being young with his children. He was proud of us. We knew it every day. Living at our house was nice. These words were spoken by a man named William D. Wilkins in the year 1956.

The joy that comes with having a good father is something that sons and daughters in every Age have celebrated and shared and preserved in writing. Clearly, a unique kind of joy flows from a good father/son-father/daughter relationship. The story of a little boy who cried out, "Daddy, you re wonderful!" brings tears of joy to our eyes. A grown man's simple tribute to his father--"Living at our house [...]

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