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The Price

...At harvest time I will order the reapers, 'Gather the wheat into my barn'
Matthew 13:24-43 or 13:24-30

Sermon Topic God's Way

Sermon Week Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 13:30


An Army sergeant had recently been transferred across the country to a new base. The family had moved with him, and the military chaplain on the base asked the sergeant's wife to enroll the children in a religious education program. The chaplain explained that because the curriculum used was standard on most bases, the children would not have any trouble picking up where they had left off at their last post. "It sounds good in theory," the mother said, "but in practice, it hasn't gone that smoothly." She explained that the children had gotten Moses to the Red Sea three times, and each time they did the family was transferred. When they got to the new base, Moses was on the other side, and they never discovered how he got there.

Many of us are in that position: we have yet to discover how we got here. And if we don't understand that, we'll miss the point each time we come. We come to Church, and Jesus is alive: He's teaching, He's healing, He's praying to the Father. But we seem to forget that each worship experience is a celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Jesus' disciples had the same problem. Jesus talked to them about the Resurrection Power of God: The glory of a God who loves us so much He is always working with Resurrection Power to give us new life. This excited the disciples. They were enthusiastic when Jesus told them that He was the long-expected Messiah and that He would live on. Problem was that every time Jesus talked about this, He tried to tell them that there was a price they would have to pay, and they didn't want to hear it. They wanted no part of it. Jesus tried to tell them that God was a God of Resurrection Power, yes, but that there is a process through which He works which includes the struggle with death. "Unless the seed falls into the ground and dies," Jesus said, "it remains alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit: then the harvest comes. [...]

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