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We Can See

**The Kingdom of Heaven if close at hand** (Matthew 10:8).
Exodus 19:2-6; Psalms 100:2-3,5; Romans 5:6-11; Matthew 9:36-10:8

Sermon Topic Kingdom

Sermon Week Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 10:8


A woman hovers between life and death in a hospital Intensive Care Unit ...

From time-to-time she awakens to the "blips" and "beeps" of the monitoring machine, and the steady "whoosh, whoosh" of the respirator.

The family visits this hospital wilderness four times a day. And, as they stand by the bedside hour-after-hour, they hold their beloved's hand and stroke her hair. As they draw close to each other, they can be heard to say, "We'll be all right as long as we stick together."

They know, in their heart-of-hearts what is sustaining them, day-after-day and week-after-week. They know, in their heart-of-hearts what is enabling them to hope and to love in that hospital wilderness. They know, in their heart-of-hearts that it is the Christ Spirit of God that gives them life, even as they are confronted with this distorted figure lying before them, and the painful fact of death looms ever closer.

In their heart-of-hearts they experience the sustaining Grace of a Gracious God who gives meaning to it all.

In their heart-of-hearts, they know that "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

As believers, we try to get in touch with the Presence of God in our lives. We try to get in touch with the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives as something more than a concept or a mere idea. We try to become aware of the Presence of God as something that penetrates our inmost being. We want the Kingdom of Heaven to touch us inwardly.

For true believers, it is not enough to know about God. It is not enough to know God intellectually. The "head-trip" is not enough. The God who saves us, the God who liberates us from the bondage of aimlessness and absurdity, is the God who is present to us, at the deepest level of our being.

Scripture tells us that at a certain time and place in history, the essential Being of God, the Christ Spirit of God, was fully embodied and revealed in Jesus of Nazareth. And, for this reason, Jesus is called "Messiah ... King of Kings ... Lord ... Savior." Moreover, the Gospels inform [...]

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