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Why Didn't We?

**What must I do to inherit eternal life ** (Luke 10:25).
Deuteronomy 30:10-14; Psalms 69:14,17,30-31,33-34,36-37; Colossians 1:15-20; Luke 10:25-37

Sermon Topic Eternal Life

Sermon Week Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 10:25


Many of you know, I am sure, the beautiful classic story of "The Little Prince" ...

The Little Prince, you may remember, had one possession which he considered to be unique in all the Universe: a gorgeous, magnificent rose. It was the most beautiful living thing he could ever imagine, and he lovingly raised her and joyously cared for her. By day he would gently water her and tend the soil around her delicate stem; at night, he would cover her with a glass globe to protect her from any harm. Her soft laughter filled him with the most amazing feelings of fulfillment, and her singular beauty made his small planet complete.

When the Little Prince came to visit Earth, one of the first sights he happened upon was a whole garden filled with roses, all laughing and chatting and filling the air with their familiar perfume. The Little Prince stared at them, overcome with the realization that his rose was only one of numberless others that flourished in the Universe. He laid down on the ground and wept.

But slowly, as he listened to the gay sounds flowing out of the garden, a deeper thought came to him, and a familiar feeling of contentment began to stir. His rose was unique. She was the object of his unique love -- different from all other loves.

Everyone who has ever been loved is unique in this sense. It begins with God's unique love for each individual human being. God loves each of you in a way that is special to you because you are different from every other person. And when you love another person, you do so in a way that is special to that person for the same reason.

The Gospel writers tell us that when Jesus walked in the Temple area, various Chief Priests, Elders, Pharisees and Scribes approached Him with questions designed to entrap Him. These men were highly respected by the Jewish Community because of their superior knowledge of religious law, and their ability to interpret it for the people. They insisted on strict observance of the law, down [...]

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