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One At A Time

**Say this when you pray: 'Father'** (Luke 11:1).
Genesis 18:20-32; Psalms 138:1-3,6-8; Colossians 2:12-14; Luke 11:1-13

Sermon Topic God: fatherhood of

Sermon Week Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 11:1


A father, son and daughter were having dinner at home. The mother was away visiting a sick relative. Little Annie, age eleven, was allowed to sit in her mother's place. Annie's slightly older brother resented the arrangement. "So you're the mother tonight," he taunted. "All right, how much is nine times fourteen?" Without a moment's hesitation, Annie replied, "Ask your father!"

In John's Gospel there us a rather long exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees in which one word is repeated over and over. Throughout his Gospel, the Apostle John quotes Jesus as repeating the word, "Father," in the same paragraph, in the same stanza, in the same sentence, in the same phrase. To give a few examples ...

"Whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise, for the Father loves the Son" (5:19).

"The Father loves the Son and everything the Father does He shows Him" (5:20).

"The Father who has life sent Me and I have life because of the Father" (6:57).

"My Father is greater than all ... the Father and I are one" (10:29,30).

I could continue with many more examples, but that would take time, and I haven't forgotten what happened to another preacher who didn't know when to stop. A man came up to him and said, "Your sermon this morning sounded to me like the peace and mercy of God." Being pleased to hear this, the preacher made the mistake of asking the man what he meant exactly. "Well," the man said, "it was like the peace of God because it was 'beyond all understanding' (Phil 4:7), and it was like the mercy of God because I thought it would 'endure forever'" (Ps. 136:2).

When Jesus wants to talk about the God who creates, the God who is the Source of all of life, the God of mercy and forgiveness, the God of compassion and love, the God He loves and who loves Him, the God in whose life He joyfully shared, His one best word is "Father."

When we pray the Lord's Prayer, we start by trying to recognize God as Jesus did. When we say "Our Father" we acknowledge [...]

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