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Don't Be A Dropout!

**Anyone who does not carry his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple** (Luke 14:27).
Wisdom 9:13-18; Psalms 90:3-6,12-17; Philemon 9-10,12,17; Luke 14:25-33

Sermon Topic Cross

Sermon Week Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 14:27


The story is told of an ancient Irish bishop who, for many months, had been instructing a well-known wealthy landowner in the Faith...

Because the man was accustomed to a life of ease, the bishop endeavored to impress him with the sacrificial nature of the Christian life-style, often repeating Jesus' instructions we find in today's Gospel Lesson: "Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple." The bishop made it clear that Christian discipleship comes at a cost. "To remain a loyal follower of Christ one must often be willing to accept much pain and suffering," he said. Through it all, the potential convert continued to express his strong desire to be baptized.

Finally, the bishop decided that the man was ready to formally embrace the Faith and the baptismal ceremony was scheduled to take place out in an open field where all the neighboring farmers could assemble to witness it.

At the appointed time, the bishop approached the candidate, thrust his staff into the ground, and immediately proceeded with the baptism. Whereupon, the man collapsed -- fainted dead away. Friends who rushed to his side were horrified to see that his right foot and leg were covered with blood. They saw that when the bishop had thrust his staff into the ground it went right through the man's foot. When the man was revived, the bishop asked, "Why didn't you say something when this happened?" To which the man replied, "I thought it was part of the ritual!"

That story, in a way, wonderfully symbolizes an important aspect of genuine Christian discipleship.

To be a loyal follower of Christ one cannot be indifferent to the Cross. "Take up your cross and follow Me," Jesus commands. We are not being asked to seek suffering. Jesus didn't seek it. He didn't want it. It was imposed on Him. "If it be possible, let this cup pass," He cried out to the Father. Jesus was not a masochist and He does not intend that His followers be masochists. Consequently, our loyalty to Christ does not consist in our ability to [...]

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