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Get Off Your High Horse!

**Repent, and believe the Good News** (Mark 1:15).
Genesis 9:8-15; Psalms 25:4-9; I Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:12-15

Sermon Topic Repentance

Sermon Week First Sunday of Lent Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 9:25


A man who was extremely unhappy about the way his life was going, heard about an amazing herb that could heal his broken spirit. He was informed that the herb grew on top of a place called "Mount Bliss." Not certain as to the exact location of Mount Bliss, he consulted several maps, then began his journey. On his upward climb, he encountered a mountaineer. "Where are you headed?" the mountaineer asked ...

"I'm going to the top of Mount Bliss where a powerful herb grows that will give me new life."

"Go no further, it will do you no good."

"But isn't it true that the powerful herb on Mount Bliss transforms people's lives?"


"Then why should I stop climbing?"

"Because you are not climbing Mount Bliss."

England's Yorkminster Cathedral was built in the 13th Century and for 700 years it stood tall and true. But some years ago, as people were touring, they noticed cracks in some of the walls in this grand cathedral. A contractor, an architect, and a building inspector were brought in and they traced some of those cracks back to a severe crack in the foundation. The mighty Yorkminster Cathedral was closed. It had to be structurally repaired because of those cracks. It looked great on the outside, but inside there was structural damage.

The story is a powerful parable that represents the Age we live in. Here, and everywhere, there are people who resemble the Yorkminster Cathedral. They look great on the outside, but inside there is structural damage. There are cracks in their hearts, their spirits, their souls. Ask them how they're doing and they say "Fine, thank you." But deep inside there is anxiety ... worry ... restlessness ... fear ... emptiness. Deep inside there is something wrong with the structure of their soul.

If you want fullness of life, if you want to be genuinely happy with the way your life is going, if you want your life to become something better than the dull, gray, boring existence you see going on all around you, if you want to reach the summit of "Mount Bliss," there is a [...]

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