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It Is Marvelous To Behold

The stone which the builders rejected has become the keystone of the structure
Matthew 21:33-43

Sermon Topic Indifference

Sermon Week Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 21:42


A religious group which bought time on the air to get their message across, began each program with, "And now a word from your Creator." The Church's mission is to interrupt all the programs of this present Age -- the programs of business and busy-ness, of leisure and pleasure, of self-satisfaction and greed -- to bring the Word to the world from Him to whom all creation is accountable.

In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus' parable about the wicked tenant farmers is a message to the whole world, to our own country and, most particularly, to the Church. In the parable, the owner of a vineyard leases it to some tenant farmers. For three successive harvest times the tenants forcefully resist the owner's efforts to claim his share. They murder his agents who come to collect. The tenant farmers are now in a strong position to claim ownership of the land by means of what we would call "squatter's rights." If they are able to defeat the owner's claims to his share after a fourth harvest they will be in a position to assert ownership for themselves. The owner's only recourse is to lodge a formal protest before witnesses against the murderous tenants. The law required the owner (or a part owner) to come on the land in question to make his protest. Thus, the owner sends his son (a part owner) saying, "They will respect my son." But the son too is killed. Finally the owner himself intervenes in person, ejects the tenants and appoints others in their place.

Jesus' reasons for speaking this parable in the final weeks of His ministry seem clear. Throughout His public life He had laid claim, as God's Son, to represent His Father's full authority over His people. Instead of respecting this claim, the Scribes and Pharisees took it as a threat to their dominion over God's people. Things were rapidly coming to a head. The Scribes and Pharisees saw it as an either/or, "Him or us" situation. And Jesus knew that they would soon make their move to dispose of Him. It is [...]

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