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Life Without God?, and you will find; knock, and it will beopened to you
Luke 11:1-13

Sermon Topic Mystery

Sermon Week Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 11:9


At breakfast one morning, King Louis XV, savoring the aroma coming from the royal kitchen asked, "What is life without coffee?" Then, after a moment's reflection, he asked, "What is life even with coffee?"

With or without coffee, life is a profound mystery. And it is often said that we of the Modern Age lack a proper sense of reverence for that mystery; that we have lost the ability to dwell on the awesome, wondrous mystery of the Divinely-created universe grinding and groaning its way toward fulfillment. Albert Einstein once said that the most beautiful life experience we can have is the mysterious. "Whoever does not experience it," he said, "can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead."

Think about the awesome mystery of the size and scope and makeup of the universe! A couple of thousand years ago, astronomers were aware of the existence of only one hundred twenty-two starts. Galileo could see some five thousand through his telescope. Around the turn of the century, scientists were estimating the number at three hundred billion. Now the talk of the galaxies and meta-galaxies is mind-boggling -- almost unimaginable numbers.

Think about these awesome realities: the width of our galaxy is about one hundred thousand times six trillion miles, yet it is but a tiny part of the larger, unknown star system. We know that there are atom particles ("cosmic rays") traveling in outer space at incredible speed, but we don't know where they come from. Getting down to earth, we know that there is an immense quantity of salt in the ocean, but we don't know how it got there.

The mystery of creation -- it's awesome, it's mind-boggling! And the more we manage to learn about it, the more we manage to penetrate it, the more glimpses we get into it, the more we realize how little we know about it.

In a very real sense, the New Testament writers are telling us the same thing about human life. Our life is a mystery. And the more we manage to learn about it, the more [...]

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