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Fresh Eyes

They all complained Oe
Luke 9:1-10 or 19:1-10

Sermon Topic Love

Sermon Week Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 19:7


The central figure in a little fable called "The Magic Eyes,"1 is the local baker--a self-righteous, uptight little man named "Fouke." His wife, Hilda, a warm, outgoing person, loved Fouke as much as he allowed her but longed for something more from him than his self-righteousness and uptightness. But Fouke remained steadfast in his self-centered attitude and approach to life and Hilda became more and more disillusioned. Finally, Hilda gave in to the temptation to seek comfort elsewhere and she betrayed her husband. Fouke discovered the betrayal, and the townsfolk assumed that Fouke would throw Hilda out of the house. But, to their surprise, he announced that he had forgiven Hilda, in his words, "as the Good Book said I should." But, deep inside, he could not bring himself to truly forgive Hilda for her indiscretion. In reality, by pretending to forgive he was punishing her with his self-righteous, shallow "mercy."

But "Fouke's fakery did not sit well in heaven," the story tells us. Consequently, "each time that Fouke would feel his secret hatred toward Hilda, an angel dropped a small pebble into his heart." And with each pebble, came the same stabbing pain Fouke had felt in his heart when he discovered Hilda's sin. The pebbles multiplied, and Fouke became bent and weary with hurt. Then the pebble-dropping angel came to him and suggested a remedy. Fouke would need the healing influence of the "Magic Eyes."

The angel said that Fouke would need eyes to see Hilda not as an unfaithful, sinful wife, but as a woman who needed his support and encouragement. Fouke resisted this notion. "How can I get your Magic Eyes," he asked sarcastically. To which the angel replied, "Each time you see Hilda through new eyes, one pebble will be lifted from your aching heart." Fouke continued to resist but, finally, the pain in his heart drove him to accept the Magic Eyes. And soon, his image of Hilda began to change -- "wonderfully and mysteriously." Fouke began to see her as a woman who needed his love. And, as the angel lifted the pebbles [...]

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