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It's Your Move

Scripture says, 'You must worship the Lord your God, and serve Him alone'
Luke 4:1-13

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Sermon Week First Sunday of Lent Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 4:8


An older couple was driving down the road on a Sunday afternoon. He was driving; she was leaning against the door on the passenger's side. They caught up to a very slow-moving car. A young man was driving; a young woman was cuddled up to him. Seeing this, the older woman looked across to her husband, then looked ahead toward the young couple and said, "Why don't we sit together like that anymore?" Quick as a flash, the husband replied, "I haven't moved!"

You may have come here today feeling distant from God, apart from God, estranged from God. You may have come here today feeling the need to fix all that: "Lord, why don't I feel close to you anymore? Why don't I feel Your Presence in my life anymore?" And no sooner said you will hear God answer--quick-as-a-flash, if you've really been listening--"I haven't moved!"

In Jewish folklore, there is a story in which a rabbi was asked, "What is a blessing?" His answer began in the form of a riddle, involving the story of creation in the Book of Genesis. The riddle was as follows: After finishing His work of creation on each of the first five days, "God saw that it was good," the Bible tells us. But the Bible does not say after the sixth day's work (when the human person was created), "God saw that it was good." What conclusion do you draw from that?"

One person volunteered, "We can conclude that the human person is not good." But the rabbi rejected that conclusion, saying, The Hebrew word translated as "good" in the Book of Genesis is the word "tov" which is better translated as "complete." Thus, after the sixth days' work, God did not imply that the human person was not good, but that the human person was incomplete. What is a blessing, therefore? A blessing is anything that enters into the center of our lives and expands our capacity to become more completely human.

In our own Christian context, a blessing is that which brings Christ into the center of our lives [...]

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