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Today I Will Be Glad

... you can recognize Him because He remains with you and will be within you
John 14:15-21

Sermon Topic Holy Spirit

Sermon Week Sixth Sunday of Easter Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 14:17


Many years ago, before television, a well-meaning person proposed what she felt would put an end to war and violence in the world. She said a gigantic stadium had to be built, large enough to hold every single person in the world. When the billions of people had been gathered in the huge amphitheater, the most capable orator in the world would read the "Parable of the Good Samaritan" in a vary dramatic and forceful manner. Then the speaker would say to all the people of the world, "Go and do likewise!" That is to say, "Go and be compassionate and merciful and kind to one another, even your enemies."

Suppose the message could be simultaneously translated into every language known to mankind without losing any of its power. Suppose all of the logistical problems of such an enormous undertaking could be totally resolved. The question is, "Would it work?" If this question were asked today from every Christian pulpit in the world, I don't think anyone would say "It would." Yet, for centuries, Jesus' Word on the subject, coming from those same pulpits, has been "It could!" The problem is, we don't believe it. It has often been said that our problem is not that Christianity has failed. Our problem is, it hasn't been tried yet. "Obey the commandments I give you," Jesus says. "Go first and be reconciled with your brother, and then come (to Church) and offer your gift" (Mt. 5:24). Moreover, as we learn from today's Gospel Lesson, He does not expect us to be obedient to Him in this way on our own. He gives us the power to do it.

Sometimes I feel discouraged,
and think my work in vain.
But then the Holy Spirit
revives my soul again.

These lines, from an old "spiritual," speak to our condition. There are times when we need to be revived; to be restored, renewed, replenished, recreated. We can be deeply moved when we hear the early Christians saying that it is the Holy Spirit who does this reviving. Moreover, many of us may have friends today [...]

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