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Sermon Topics

Stranger Than Fiction

Go and do the same
Luke 10:25-37

Sermon Topic Truth

Sermon Week Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 10:37


"Truth is stranger than fiction," we often say. And that is how Jesus' offer of new life must have sounded to the Pharisees and others: stranger than fiction. To understand it, they would have to change their whole way of thinking.

When a certain pastor tried to explain to a prospective convert that in order to commit herself to the Christian life she would have to change her way of thinking, she said, "I know exactly what you mean. And she proceeded to tell him the following story:

Her husband had gone away on a week's business trip, leaving her alone with their three small children. It rained steadily for the first three days and when the sun finally came out, mother happily announced, "Kids, we're going on an outing! We're going to the animal farm! You can pet the animals and ride the elephant!" Then she piled the children into her little, red Volkswagen Bug and drove up the freeway to the animal farm. When she arrived at the parking lot she discovered that every space was taken. Because of the bad weather, every mother in town had the same idea it seemed. She looked around and spotted a small space next to the nearby Ranger station, and so she parked her little Volkswagen there. She and the kids went out into the animal farm and had great fun until it was time to go home for dinner. When they returned to the car, the mother discovered the front end of her car was badly crushed. She was furious as she stomped into the Ranger station to report the damage. The officer at the desk said to her, "You must be the owner of that little red Volkswagen. Don't be alarmed. Our insurance will pay for the damage. But you'll never believe what happened. You see, Elsie (the elephant that takes kids for rides) was trained in the circus to sit on a little red tub. When Elsie saw your car, she apparently couldn't resist sitting down on it. Fortunately, since the motor is in the rear of the [...]

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