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A 'Not Yet' FaithLuke 1:45Christmas will soon be here. In Shakespeare's words, "Now sits expectation in the air".1 Little children are expecting Santa Claus. [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCChristian disciplesFaith,Christmas expectation,PredictabilityAdd
A 'Yes'! FaceMatthew 3:2Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that it is not so important where a person stands as the direction in [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceChange,Reign of GodAdd
A Bunch Of Bugs?Luke 24:32In one of Gary Larson's "Far Side" cartoons, a group of insects are gathered together at a party. One of [...]Good FridayBCrucifixionCross,Wisdom,Calvary,InsectsAdd
A Bunch Of DummiesMark 7:37Few things are more distasteful than a rotten apple. What might have been a bright red delicious and nutritious piece [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBWeak linksBad applesAdd
A Call To DiscoveryLuke 2:33Those who have been to the Holy Land often come back to report a surprise: it is so very small. [...]The Holy FamilyBIncarnationRelationships,Jesus Christ: discovery ofAdd
A Change Of AttitudeMatthew 13:31In the early days of our technological Age, a popular slogan assured us that "Every day and in every way [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChangeAttitudeAdd
A Change Of HeartLuke 6:45A ninety-year-old man was asked why he remained a man of hope, even in the most difficult days. He replied, Because [...]NoneCJudgmentObedience,Vision,Words,HypocritesAdd
A Change Of HeartMatthew 17:6Many years ago, an American traveler secured a few grains of wheat from an Egyptian tomb. Those grains of wheat [...]Second Sunday of LentATransfigurationObedience,Transformation,Listening,Wheat,Valley,Ancient EgyptAdd
A Child AgainJohn 20:9Actress Arlene Francis was strolling in the park one day when she saw a very beautiful little girl at play-so [...]Easter SundayCEasterNew Life,Kingdom of God,ChildlikeAdd
A Crying ShameMatthew 2:13The late Dr. Will Durant had a highly respected, distinguished career as an author, journalist and educator. Among his written [...]The Holy FamilyAHoly FamilyHappiness,Family,Fidelity,HarmonyAdd
A Different StreetJohn 16:13As a Society, does the motto "In God we trust" lead us to the complete truth? Does it really reflect [...]The Holy TrinityCTruthMoney,Priorities,Followers,God:trust in,Close EncountersAdd
A Divine JobLuke 13:23-24Standing at the gate of a mansion house are a certain two beggars. They are seeking to enter and beg [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSalvationChoice,Tragedy,Divine LifeAdd
A Family AffairMatthew 13:37-38One Sunday afternoon, a Washington, D.C. pastor received a telephone call from a woman parishioner. "I heard you preach this [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeASeedSatan,Devil,Seeds,Sower,Farmer,DarnelAdd
A Family PortraitJohn 8:11A little British girl once asked her mother, "Mummy, how did the princess know she was going to have a [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCHappinessHoly Family,Self-righteousness,AdulteryAdd
A Field Of ButtercupsMark 10:50On August 5, 1942, an orphanage (called "Our Home") in the Warsaw ghetto was emptied of its 200 Jewish children. [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRemnantHope,Blindness,Suffering,WarAdd