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No Split Decisions! One of childhood's favorite authors, the late Theodor S. Geisel (best known as "Dr. Seuss"), wrote a poem about the [...]NoneCDecisionsHell,Poor in Spirit,ThreadsAdd
The Great SurpriseJohn 10:1Jesus' life and teachings are full of surprises. He came to a generation of people who were expecting a "conquering-hero" [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterALast JudgmentFruits,Eternal Life,Christian MinistryAdd
He's Already ThereJohn 10:10Several years ago, the newspapers ran a story about a desperate prisoner in Australia who successfully carried out his plan [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterAGod: presence ofLamb of God,Freedom,FearAdd
Constantly On The WatchJohn 10:10A retired couple were sitting in their "rec" room one evening. The wife was watching the nightly news on TV; [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterAGood ShepherdChoice,Work,Sheep,Followers,Flock,ExhaustionAdd
The Goodness Of GodJohn 10:11Pilgrims and tourists visiting the Holy Land for the first time experience the reality of Scripture references to people going [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBGod: goodness ofGrace,Good Shepherd,ShepherdsAdd
The Strength To LiveJohn 10:11A man who was preparing to take his own life (fortunately, the attempt failed), wrote a suicide note which said, [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBGood ShepherdGiving,Eternal Life,Sharing,ExistenceAdd
The Really Big TestJohn 10:11A poster of unknown origin contains some advice on how to pray under certain conditions. "CALL FOR HELP!" it says [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBGood ShepherdLove,Prayer,Sacrifice,ServiceBAdd
The Open DoorJohn 10:11In the Book of Exodus there is a moving account of an encounter Moses has with God. Moses is tending [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBJesus Christ: as DoorAbundant Life,Good ShepherdAdd
Unlimited ProfitsJohn 10:11,17In the early twenties, three European immigrants to the United States arrived at New York City's Ellis Island to be [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBSuccessLove,ListeningAdd
Gathering/scatteringJohn 10:14After he had lectured his son for five minutes on the evils of smoking, a concerned father said to his [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBSheepChristian Ministry,Worship,Mystery,SmokingAdd
Saints And SaviorsJohn 10:14-15One of the most exciting things about the Bible is that the Biblical writers tell us over-and-over again this amazing [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBGuidanceLove,Prayer,Jesus Christ: Baptism ofAdd
Make Me A Child AgainJohn 10:17,18This day could easily collapse into sentimentality. The Lesson is about sheep and shepherds. And, in the U.S., it is [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBFreedomDependence,Motherhood,Children of God,Abortion,Mystery of LoveAdd
The Healing PowerJohn 10:25A theology professor in an American seminary is fond of telling his students about a certain man he had met [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAHealingGod: power of,Holistic Health,Alternative MedicineAdd
Stop, Look And ListenJohn 10:27In many English translations of the Bible, the word "behold" appears hundreds of times. In the Christmas Story for example: [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterCAttention!God: Presence of,Preaching,Listening,LookingAdd
Young At HeartJohn 10:27Fairy tales can come true It can happen to you If you're young at heart So sings Frank Sinatra on [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterCChildrenGood Shepherd,Last Judgment,Sheep,GoatsAdd