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All In The Same BoatMatthew 25:14In the movie, "Harold and Maude," it is Maude, the 80year-old lover of life, who challenges the young Harold to [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAAbilityGod: love of,Church-goers,SensitivityAdd
Skirting Around The Edges?John 4:23When a young woman attempted to take her own life, she left a short note explaining why she was doing [...]Third Sunday of LentAAbundant lifeEternal Life,Existing,Gathering/ScatteringAdd
The Big BroadcastJohn 9:25Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, [...]Fourth Sunday of LentAAmazing GraceSight,God: voice of,Miracles,BlindnessAdd
No Room For HateMatthew 18:20We have gathered in Jesus' Name and, truly, He is in the midst of us. He is here to help [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAAngerForgiveness,Reconciliation,Estrangement,HatredAdd
Age Of AnxietyJohn 9:25The well-known contemporary poet, W. H. Auden, was one of the first to call our period in history "The Age [...]Fourth Sunday of LentAAnxietyFulfillment,LentAdd
One Tick At A TimeMatthew 6:31,32Once there was a handsome clock that became preoccupied with worry about its future. It began thinking about the number [...]NoneAAnxietyGrandfather Clock,Bread,Attitude,God: dependence onAdd
The Walls Come Tumbling DownMatthew 6:30Shalom Aleichem is considered by many to be the greatest of the ethnic humorists. He is perhaps best known as [...]NoneAAnxietyTrust,Worry,Man for OthersAdd
Be Content With What You GetMatthew 6:33A very wealthy man invited his four married daughters to dinner. "I'm getting on in years," he said to them, [...]NoneAAnxietyMoney,Wishing,AgingAdd
Are You All Right?John 14:1Worry never climbed a hill. Worry never paid a bill. Worry never dried a tear. Worry never calmed a fear. [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAAnxietyLoveAdd
Cross That Wonderful Line!John 1:33An old bishop in Washington, D.C., had grown tired of the socials and embassy parties he was expected to attend [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeABaptismHoly SpiritAdd
A Turned-On CongregationMatthew 3:17What did Jesus come into this world to do? He came to tell us about the unique value of God's Grace, [...]The Baptism of the LordABaptismChange,Listening,Fidelity,Favor of GodAdd
Whom Do You Trust?Matthew 5:3A young lad on vacation went to Church with his parents one sunny Sunday morning. He listened closely to the [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABeatitudesGrowth,TrustAdd
Out Of Order?Matthew 15:28In today's Gospel Lesson, a Canaanite woman pleads with Jesus for help. "O Lord, Son of David," she cries out,"have [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABeliefSelf-esteem,Positivism,NegativismAdd
A Ham And Cheese, PleaseMatthew 26:14-15Each year at this time, Judas' betrayal of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver reminds us that the "sell out" [...]Passion SundayABetrayalValues,Hypocrisy,HeroesAdd
Betrayal, Or Loyalty?Matthew 26:21Imagine what might have taken place if the twelve Apostles had submitted formal job applications to Jesus before they were [...]Passion SundayABetrayalObedience,Loyalty,Disciples,Followers,Apostle,Resume,EmploymentAdd