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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
No Stranger KingMatthew 25:35There was a long line of travelers waiting for immigration clearance at a Florida airport. The immigration officers seemed to [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)AChrist as KingAmbition,HealthAdd
They Will Never Forget!John 20:27"... unless I can put my hand into His side, I refuse to believe." So says the Apostle Thomas in [...]Second Sunday of EasterCDoubtBelief,Resurrection Power,Faith,Doubting Thomas,DeaconsAdd
Melt Down The SaintsLuke 5:11"Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."1 That's the title of a children's book in which a [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFishers of menFear,SaintsAdd
Get On My BackMatthew 11:28"All you who are weary and find life burdensome" is a figure of speech drawn from the laboring people of [...]Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABurdensRelationships,God: Presence ofAdd
Contribution Or CommitmentJohn 6:58"Auntie Mame," the "eat, drink and be merry character" in the play of the same name, declares that "Life is [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBBread of LifeCommitment,Wisdom,Worldly WisdomAdd
One Continuous RecordJohn 14:18"Continuity" is a persistent New Testament theme. Nothing really happens in isolation. What happens at one time is anticipated in [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterAContinuityFulfillment,Salvation HistoryAdd
The Pursuit Of HappinessLuke 16:31"Dear Abby" once received a letter from a fifteen-year-old girl which read as follows: Happiness is knowing that your parents [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHappinessRepentance,FootballAdd
Enough Light?John 3:16-18"Dear Abby," wrote a woman named Rose, "I am forty-four and would like to meet a man my age with [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationGod: love of,Sinners,Judgmentalism,Perfection,Lost SheepAdd
Day-By-DayJohn 20:19"Dear Lord," we pray, "I'm at the end of all my resources." "Dear child," the Lord answers, "You're just at the beginning of Mine."1 God's resources [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterBFruitfulnessPriorities,Present Moment,Resources,EmpowermentAdd
Infinitely PreciousLuke 24:32"Do you ever have dreams?" asked the psychiatrist. "Yes," the patient replied, "I had one last evening. I dreamed I [...]Third Sunday of EasterARisen ChristDreams,Self-pity,Road to EmmausAdd
Move It OverJohn 21:15,16,17"Do you love Me? ... Do you love Me? ... Do you love Me?" In today's Gospel Lesson we hear [...]Third Sunday of EasterCLovePresent Moment,Heaven,God: union with,Union with God,Love postponedAdd
The Way Is DifficultJohn 6:54"Dying is a very solitary thing!" someone has written. In that very insightful statement, we come close to one of [...]The Body and Blood of ChristADeathDying,Loneliness,Caring,Liberated WomanAdd
Forgiven, Forgotten, ForeverMark 2:10-11"Far be it for me to glory except in the Cross of Jesus Christ, Our Lord" (Gal. 6:14). This familiar [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBForgivenessRepentance,Guilt,MysteryAdd
Our Model And Our SaviorJohn 21:19"Follow Me!" the Risen Christ says to Peter in today's Gospel Lesson. In themselves, good resolutions and intentions in the [...]Third Sunday of EasterCFollowersLove,Jesus Christ: as ModelAdd
BreathtakingMatthew 5:48"God never made a better woman than I am, but somehow I just can't seem to live up to it." [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeASermon on the MountFamily Life,PerfectionAdd