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Whom Do You Trust?Matthew 5:3A young lad on vacation went to Church with his parents one sunny Sunday morning. He listened closely to the [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABeatitudesGrowth,TrustAdd
Bread And CheeseLuke 6:20Some of you may be more familiar with the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew than with those in Luke [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCBeatitudesPoor in Spirit,WeepingAdd
What Does It Mean?Luke 6:20As a Christian Community, we try to always see and feel and experience what is happening in the world and [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCBeatitudesDependence,Poor in Spirit,ExcusesAdd
Change Your TuneLuke 9:24The story is told of a great violinist who owned the most valuable violin in the world. Once, during the [...]Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCBeautiful musicLove,Self-identity,FriendlinessAdd
Out Of Order?Matthew 15:28In today's Gospel Lesson, a Canaanite woman pleads with Jesus for help. "O Lord, Son of David," she cries out,"have [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABeliefSelf-esteem,Positivism,NegativismAdd
Touch And BelieveJohn 20:29The current expression of "not trusting anyone over thirty" extends into many areas of modern life. It is not simply [...]Second Sunday of EasterBBeliefTrust,Evangelists,Mystery of FaithAdd
Are We Eager To Listen?Mark 9:2A young girl listened attentively as her big sister told her a bedtime story: Once upon a time there was [...]Second Sunday of LentBBeliefListening,TransfigurationAdd
I Am Counting On ThemLuke 5:11Through encounter group sessions, people try to experience something that happened long before the coming of modern psychology and group [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCBeliefChristian Ministry,Priorities,WorshipAdd
No Ifs, No ButsJohn 20:29Thomas' confession-"My Lord and my God"-is the most profound expression of Jesus' Lordship and Divinity to be found in all [...]Second Sunday of EasterCBeliefMeaning of life,Risen Christ,Doubting ThomasAdd 1:45Author Marcus Bach once interviewed Josef Meier, the actor who for many years played the part of Jesus in a [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCBeliefLoveAdd
A Ham And Cheese, PleaseMatthew 26:14-15Each year at this time, Judas' betrayal of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver reminds us that the "sell out" [...]Passion SundayABetrayalValues,Hypocrisy,HeroesAdd
Betrayal, Or Loyalty?Matthew 26:21Imagine what might have taken place if the twelve Apostles had submitted formal job applications to Jesus before they were [...]Passion SundayABetrayalObedience,Loyalty,Disciples,Followers,Apostle,Resume,EmploymentAdd
SpellboundMark 1:22We have been hearing much about rising unemployment rates, decline in sales of many products, decline of the stock market. [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBBibleMeaning of life,God: Word of,Word of GodAdd
We Thank Thee Lord!Matthew 5:3Nature has many remarkable ways of illustrating the growth process. In the case of the Chinese bamboo tree, for instance, [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABlessingsGrowth,Chinese bamboo,Sermon on the Mount,ThankfulnessAdd
Religion Of The CrossMark 12:24Paul Brand, a medical doctor, has co-authored a best-selling book described as "an adventure of mind and spirit."1 In it, [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBBlood of ChristLast Supper,Cross,Blood,Life-forceAdd