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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Catch Another ButterflyLuke 2:17The stars were there for wishing And the wind was there for kites And the morning sun was there for [...]Octave of ChristmasATrustDeclaration of Dependence,Parenting,ChildrenAdd
You Have The KeyLuke 2:17There was an absent-minded man who could never remember in the morning where he had put the things he would [...]Octave of ChristmasANew YearIdentity Crisis,Dead Sea,Christmas Message,Lifelessness,Christmas EventAdd
From Mere Existence To New LifeLuke 2:17Each New Year's Day, it is the custom at an east coast University to hang the official senior class picture [...]Octave of ChristmasANew YearNew Life,Love,Born Again,Change,ExistenceAdd
I Want To Be Happy!Luke 2:15Gilbert West was a noted British educator and author. Sir Edward Littleton was a famous English judge. West and Littleton [...]Octave of ChristmasANew YearLove,Service,Conversion,HappinessAdd
Time To ReflectLuke 2:19The Shepherds had heard the angelic message, paid their visit to the Holy Family, had seen the Infant Jesus and [...]Octave of ChristmasANew YearCosmos,Universe,Solitude,ReflectionAdd
Where Do We Go From Here?Luke 2:20Technically, the first day of January is just another day on which the sun rises and sets, the natural cycles [...]Octave of ChristmasANew YearResponsibility,Commitment,Risk,ResolutionsAdd
The Bells Are RingingLuke 2:20Author Anthony DeMello tells the story of a temple built on an island. The temple contained a thousand bells ... [...]Octave of ChristmasAListeningWishing,Searching,SilenceAdd
It's Throw Away TimeLuke 2:16Today's Gospel Lesson once again tells us the story of how the shepherds reacted to the news of Jesus' birth. [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearTrust,ResolutionsAdd
Closer Than HomeLuke 2:16-17As you read the Gospels and try to understand what they are saying to your life, certain ironies are bound [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearPriorities,Idolatry,FamilyAdd
What's In A Name?John 17:11In American Indian culture it was considered important to instill a sense of destiny in the young male Indian as [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearNames,Word association,Children of GodAdd
Be It ResolvedLuke 2:20The new pastor of a small Church in the Tennessee hills was a dedicated teetotaler. Consequently, he was deeply disturbed [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearDecision,Kingdom of God,Teetotaling,New Year's ResolutionAdd
Your Full AttentionLuke 2:18A man was driving through farm country when, to his horror, he saw a farmer striking his mule with a [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearMoney,Attention,Riches,ShepherdsAdd
Be It ResolvedLuke 2:19Technically, the first day of January is just another day on which the sun rises and sets, the natural cycles [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearMoney,Money Sickness,Faith,Resolutions,FashionAdd
Out Of The DarknessLuke 2:17Eat, sleep, work, leisure -- "Is that all there is?" we ask. Or is there lasting meaning and purpose? And, [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearGod: Presence of,Revelation,Crisis of Faith,God: and humorAdd
Don't Miss The Scenery!Luke 2:19The late Eddie Cantor emerged during the 1930's as one of America's most popular radio entertainers. Because of a song [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearMeaning of life,Silence,SceneryAdd