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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Don't Miss The Scenery!Luke 2:19The late Eddie Cantor emerged during the 1930's as one of America's most popular radio entertainers. Because of a song [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearMeaning of life,Silence,SceneryAdd
The Clownish SocietyLuke 2:17On this New Year's Day, as on all festive occasions, there is always the danger of missing the celebration's real [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearGod: love of,Wishing,Love of God,Resolutions,ClownsAdd
Count Us InLuke 2:19Technically, the first day of January is just another day on which the sun rises and sets, the natural cycles [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearResolutions,InnocenceAdd
Don't Forget The MessageLuke 2:20A few hours before setting out to sea, the captain and the first mate of a large commercial ocean liner [...]Octave of ChristmasCChristmas MessageNew YearAdd
Our Time Is SecureLuke 2:20Fine oriental rugs can be distinguished from machine-made rugs by their curious variations in patterns. In Middle Eastern villages, where [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearExpectations,Resolutions,Creativity,Weaving,Master-WeaverAdd
Because Of Your Good LooksLuke 2:20There is a magazine cartoon in which two persons who appear to be husband and wife are sitting on their [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearListening,Good looksAdd
Christmas Every DayLuke 2:19Once a year, on this day, many of us decide that the time has come to make some changes in [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearChange,Happiness,ImprovementAdd
Our Greatest TreasuresLuke 2:20It was three days before Christmas. A member of the clergy was walking through a supermarket parking lot ... As [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearFaith,Resolutions,Despair,AngerAdd
Time AloneLuke 2:19A mother heard her son saying his night prayers. He was telling God what he planned to do the next [...]Octave of ChristmasCNew YearEternity,Reflection,Resolutions,Mother Mary,Prayers,AssessmentAdd