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Give Everything You HaveMatthew 2:14A fifteen-year-old lad returned home from a rock concert. "How was it?" his grandfather asked. "It was great!" the boy [...]The Holy FamilyAParentingHoly FamilyAdd
One Man's FamilyMatthew 2:23"My Dear," said grandmother to her little granddaughter, 'I wish you would do something for me. Would you promise not [...]The Holy FamilyAFamilyNuclear family,Male ChauvinismAdd
A Love StoryMatthew 2:13"Silent night, holy night. Peace on earth to men of goodwill." Yet behind that seemingly peaceful cradle scene the Cross [...]The Holy FamilyAPeaceLove,Love Story,Jesus Christ: peace of,ConfidenceAdd
Bittersweet ChristmasMatthew 2:13Christ climbed down from His bare Tree this year and ran away to where there were no gilded Christmas trees [...]The Holy FamilyAChristmas StoryJesus Christ: Second Coming of,MagnificatAdd
A Hand, A Kiss And Smiling EyesMatthew 2:13A little boy rushed into his kindergarten class one morning and made the following announcement: My mother just had a [...]The Holy FamilyAHoly FamilyLight,Birth,FamiliesAdd
Don't Forget The Punch-lineMatthew 2:13In a book of "Outrageous and Hilarious Letters to the Parish Pastor," the local dentist writes: Dear Pastor, I write [...]The Holy FamilyAChristmas MeaningHoly Family,Christmas Message,Christmas StoryAdd
Parents' PromiseLuke 2:40You may recall the highly publicized experiment conducted by a young primary-grade teacher. With the approval of her pupils' parents, [...]The Holy FamilyBFamiliesParenting,Hugging,Holy HugAdd
One Man ObeyedLuke 2:34Imagine for a moment that you are back in Old Testament times, living in the little country of Judah that [...]The Holy FamilyBVisionLove,God: Resurrection Power of,Resurrection PowerAdd
You've Got A Lot To LiveLuke 2:25,36-37Two of the characters in the Gospel Story of the Child Jesus being presented at the Temple are named Simeon [...]The Holy FamilyBGeneration GapWar,Youth,Polarization,ElderlyAdd
For Sinners OnlyLuke 2:36,38In most places, the Church is regarded in law as a "non-profit" organization. This special status carries with it certain [...]The Holy FamilyBLoveSainthood,Profit-making,Prophets,SanctityAdd
I'll Call It LoveLuke 2:29-30When, in the fullness of time, God acted decisively for the world's salvation, He did not establish a new nation [...]The Holy FamilyBWaitingSalvation,Creation,Adam and EveAdd
In Search Of WisdomLuke 2:40You may have seen the poster which contains the following acronym: P.B.P.G.I.N.T.W.M.Y. The letters stand for, "Please be patient. God [...]The Holy FamilyBWisdomLove,Possessions,AgingAdd
Golden WindowsLuke 2:40A little boy got into an argument with some lads twice his size. He drew a line in the dirt [...]The Holy FamilyBChildrenWisdomAdd
Here Is Your FamilyLuke 2:40Members of a Church youth club decided to raise money by having an outdoor car wash. Unfortunately, when the day [...]The Holy FamilyBFamilyHope,Resolutions,Red Sea,Faith FamilyAdd
A Call To DiscoveryLuke 2:33Those who have been to the Holy Land often come back to report a surprise: it is so very small. [...]The Holy FamilyBIncarnationRelationships,Jesus Christ: discovery ofAdd