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Year Of The ChildJohn 1:14There is something about the sights and the sounds and rituals of the season that make it possible for us [...]Christmas DayCChristmasChildren,Christ ChildAdd
The Happiest Christmas EverJohn 1:10A young World War I officer had been fatally wounded. As he lay dying in the trench, he was in [...]Christmas DayCChristmasPrince of Peace,Violence,War and Peace,Christmas secularization,War victimsAdd
House Of BreadJohn 1:5I hate to remind you of anything unpleasant on Christmas Day, but have you thought lately about the price of [...]Christmas DayCChristmasBread of Life,Cost of discipleship,House of BreadAdd
Keeping ChristmasJohn 1:10The same man who wrote the Gospel of John also wrote a letter. In the letter he summarizes in a [...]Christmas DayCChristmasPeace,Violence,Christmas presentsAdd
Always Room For One MoreJohn 1:14Nine-year-old Wally was in second grade when most children his age were fourth-graders. He was big for his years, a [...]Christmas DayCChristmasEternal Life,Christmas MessageAdd
The Profound TruthJohn 1:14A popular author of inspirational books tells of his first season as a member of his high school varsity football [...]Christmas DayCChristmasLight,Perspective,Christmas Message,FaithAdd
It's Exciting!John 1:14Demosthenes, the great orator of Ancient Greece, couldn't always get his audience to pay attention. On one occasion, he was [...]Christmas DayCChristmasIncarnationAdd
You Make Me HappyJohn 1:9A CBS correspondent has noted that America is "highly anniversarial." Hardly a day goes by, he says, when he doesn't [...]Christmas DayCChristmasFaith,Happiness,Angels,AnniversaryAdd
Something To Be Lived Up ToLuke 2:49A week before Christmas, a man in his sixties went into a big toy shop and began looking around at [...]Christmas DayCChristmasChildren,Family,Nativity,GrandparentsAdd