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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
What The Church Needs NowMatthew 21:43Lemon trees are pretty, the smell of the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the lemon is impossible [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveReligion,Legalism,God: Spirit of,Spirit of loveAdd
It Is Marvelous To BeholdMatthew 21:42A religious group which bought time on the air to get their message across, began each program with, "And now [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAIndifferenceGrand Inquisitor,AccountabilityAdd
What New Thing, Lord?Matthew 21:43Do you remember how Jesus used the imagery of "old wine in new wineskins" to emphasize that God's creation is [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeANew LifeChange,Faith,WineskinsAdd
Take A StepMatthew 21:43A woman of advanced age began to have hearing problems. Reluctantly she gave in to suggestions from family members that [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveJesus Christ: presence of,Faith,Fruitfulness,Hearing,Bible translationsAdd
Heard Enough?Matthew 21:42A small boy was visiting his grandmother for the first time. She lived in a small Wyoming town--cowboy country. On [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeACrisis of FaithServanthood,OutcastsAdd
Chosen Or Frozen?Matthew 21:43A lover of exotic birds finally gave in to her hidden desire for a parrot that could really talk. After [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFruitfulnessFire,Crisis of Faith,AssuranceAdd
Glory, Glory HonoluluMatthew 21:42When Edmund Hillary stood on top of Mount Everest, he stood higher than any person in the world. Even so, [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGloryKingdom of God,Salvation HistoryAdd
Just A Short TripMark 10:14A thirteen-year-old girl said to her mother, "I feel so nervous." Her mother replied, "What do you mean, 'nervous'?" "Well," [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChildrenTrust,Risk,Ministry,DirectionAdd
The Doomsday BlahsMark 10:14Many persons today are forecasting the early demise of the world. Our world is dying, they say. The end of [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBDoomsdayChildren,Responsibility,Lost and FoundAdd
Ah, Youth!Mark 10:13One of the difficult things about growing up is that we don't all do it at the same time. A [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChildrenHuman Family,Youthful spiritAdd
Only God Knows BestMark 10:14-15The greatest Good News ever to break into our existence is the Good News of God's Love. The God who [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTrustLove,Children,Good News,Original SinAdd
Free At LastMark 10:15There is the wonderful story of a group of loyal Churchwomen who were going to a pilgrimage by boat. A [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChildlike TrustGod: Will of,Obligation,Churchwomen,LiberationAdd
The DancerMark 10:14Backward, turn backward, O Time in your flight, Make me a child again just for tonight. These two well-known lines [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: as DancerChildren,Vision,Childlikeness,DanceAdd
You Can Depend On ItMark 10:15Faith in God, some people believe, is for children only -- a phase of life you pass through and grow [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTrustDependence,Love,ChildrenAdd
The Work Goes OnLuke 17:5In the chapters of Luke's Gospel leading up to the episode in today's Lesson, Jesus gave His disciples a lot [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFaithService,TrustAdd