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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
A Matter Of TrustMatthew 18:21The scene is an ice cream parlor. The characters are two large turtles and a small one. Each of the [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeATrustForgiveness,Conformity,Original Sin,RevengeAdd
Come Out Of The BasementMatthew 18:22The story is told of an old woman living in Ireland who delighted in the sermons of a certain Irish [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessLove,ListeningAdd
A Matter Of TrustMatthew 18:21A young clergyman was asked to preach on "Why I believe in God." He thought it would be an easy [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessTruth,Fulfillment,Trust,FaithAdd
The Hardest Thing Of AllMatthew 18:21John and George, both in their seventies, had been friends since their high school days. They held strong opinions and [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessTrust,God: Mercy ofAdd
Turn On The LightMatthew 18:21A husband and wife, in their late eighties, both were becoming extremely forgetful. He would forget where he put his [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAReconciliationAttitude,ForgetfulnessAdd
It's Never Often EnoughMatthew 18:21A preacher from the Southwest tells the story of a man he describes as the "undisputed chief of the village [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessConversion,ResentmentAdd
Jesus' Blue-collar WorkersMark 8:34Back in the 1920's, a man named Franco left his native country and came to the United States. He quickly [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBServiceHands,LoyaltyAdd
Clearing The DebrisMark 8:31The disciples simply would not allow Jesus to prepare them for His death. They would not accept it. They would [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBDeath/ResurrectionNew Life,SinAdd
Security And SignificanceMark 8:34Dr. Viktor Frankl was one of the several million Jews who experienced the horrors of Nazi concentration camps during World [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBSufferingDehumanization,Concentration Camps,SignificanceAdd
In The ProcessMark 8:35However we wish to define the devil, we know deep in our heart that there is something trying to pull [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPresent MomentGod: Presence of,Devil,Conversion,PowerlessnessAdd
Mind The LightMark 8:35A five-year-old lad was promised a puppy for his sixth birthday. After weeks of anticipation, he finally was taken to [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLightLove,Christian Community,Happy endingAdd
Family ValuesMark 8:33An American Scripture scholar who had spent two years teaching in a West African Bible College was extremely impressed with [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBMoney sicknessMoney,Values,Meaning of life,CommercialismAdd
What Can You Lose?Mark 8:34-35In a parable of life, a man is rowing his boat on a lake. Inscribed on one oar is the [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBServiceFaith,Beauty,Works,MaturityAdd
Because They're Mine!Luke 15:2A little seed lay on the ground, and soon began to sprout. Seeing all the flowers around it wondered: "How [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSinnersWorthAdd
Give Them LifeLuke 15:20Oh my friend, do not have children! You bring them into the world and they send you out of it. [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCParentingChildren,Prodigal Son,Prodigal FatherAdd