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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
A Bunch Of DummiesMark 7:37Few things are more distasteful than a rotten apple. What might have been a bright red delicious and nutritious piece [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBWeak linksBad applesAdd
A Total CommitmentMatthew 18:20Being a follower of Christ in isolation is a contradiction. Together, we pray to the Father in Jesus' Name. Together, [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChristian CommunityGod: as Love,Perspective,Brotherhood of Christ,CommitmentAdd
As A Flower Turns Toward The SunMark 7:34-35There are times when we yearn for peace and quiet away from honking horns, screeching brakes, blaring transistors, throbbing washing [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBListeningDeafness,Sounds of SilenceAdd
Climb Over The Fences!Luke 14:27Youngsters in a religion class were asked to write a letter to Jesus. One little girl's letter reads as follows: Dear [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCDisciplesLove,Cross,Happiness,Disciples,BurdenAdd
Don't Be A Dropout!Luke 14:27The story is told of an ancient Irish bishop who, for many months, had been instructing a well-known wealthy landowner [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCCrossBaptism,Crucifixion,Football,Burden,RitualAdd
Easy Street Is A Dead-endLuke 14:27There is a tendency throughout life to search for the easy way of doing things. We all search for that [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChristianityLove,CrossAdd
Family ValuesLuke 14:26Whether you're at teen-age, middle-age, or retirement age, how foolish for you to imagine, even for a single day, that [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCLoveFreedomAdd
Finding GodMatthew 18:20In the Book of Ephesians it is said of God: How infinitely great is the power He has exercised ... [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChrist SpiritJesus Christ: presence of,CreationAdd
Follow MeLuke 14:26At this point in Luke's Gospel, Jesus has traveled the length and breadth of the Roman Province of Judea preaching [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFollowing JesusKingdom of God,Choice,Freedom,God: rule ofAdd
Have A Nice Life!Mark 7:35One Sunday morning, Helena, a member of the Providence, Rhode Island Women's Club, sat in Church and listened intently to [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHearingCommunication,Miracles,Deafness,AlzheimersAdd
How Do We Spell God?Matthew 18:20A New York City pastor tells of the time when his parish was presented with a large supply of kneeling [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPrayerLove,God: Will ofAdd
Isn't It Amazing!Mark 7:37Today's Gospel lesson describes a brief episode in which Jesus was asked to lay His hands on "a deaf man [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBAmazementGood News,Miracles,Wonder,God: Glory ofAdd
It Ain't Easy, Honey!Mark 7:1-37A few years ago, one of America's biggest department stores tried marketing a doll in the form of the Baby [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChristianity: cost ofLove,Happiness,Significance,BargainsAdd
Look! They're Moving!Matthew 18:20A confirmed bachelor and a married man were talking to each other about the pros and cons of family life. [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChrist PresenceChange,Worship,Brotherhood,Fellowship,ChurchAdd
Mainly Through PeopleMatthew 18:15In a new book called "Letters To My Son," the author describes the life-enriching rewards of being a good listener. [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAListeningParenting,BeliefAdd