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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Pride, The Utmost EvilMatthew 16:26A husband and wife were walking through an arcade on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. The husband dropped a coin [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPrideNear-death experienceAdd
A Sweet Spiritual BlessingLuke 14:11A large crowd had gathered near a pond in a large zoo. They watched admiringly as a peacock slowly spread [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilitySuccess,Pride,Table-talkAdd
Are You Sure?Matthew 16:25A little boy was about to visit the dentist for the first time. He wasn't too sure he was going [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeADirectionReligion,DoubtAdd
Are You A Sweet-'tator?Mark 7:6A well-known preacher once brought a small basket of potatoes into the pulpit. One-by-one, he gave each potato a name [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPotentialValues,Hypocrisy,EgoAdd
Your Goal In LifeLuke 14:11A woman had just returned home from a lecture given by a prominent member of the Feminist Movement. Her five-year-old [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCAmbitionPharisees,HumilityAdd
Whose Side Are We On?Matthew 16:23A young man finished college with a degree in psychology. Shortly after his graduation, the new psychologist was asked to [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: presence ofLove,TransformationAdd
When You PrayMark 7:5A young man who comes from a conservative Christian tradition, tells the story of the time when he was training [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPrayerPharisees,Love,Practice,Paratrooper,Christian TraditionAdd
PerspectiveMatthew 16:23A young woman in college wrote the following letter to her parents, her first in three months: Dear Mom and [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAStandardsGod: Resurrection Power of,ResurrectionAdd
In God We TrustMark 7:8According to the legend of the "Emperor's Clothes," three unscrupulous men seek to exploit the Emperor by offering to create [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTrustDependenceAdd
The PerfectionistLuke 14:11Author/lecturer John Robert Clarke has suggested the title, "Master Perfectionist," for a certain kind of egotist. "One's own perfectionism is [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityPride,Master PerfectionistAdd
Outward Face/hidden ManMark 7:6Because we are by nature social beings, we live in societies. It is in the nature of man to prefer [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHypocrisyPharisees,Rejoicing,Church-goers,Customs,Inner-personAdd
Your Cup Of Tea?Luke 14:11Did you know that the climbing vine we call "honeysuckle" always grows clockwise, to its right? The "jasmine," on the [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCServanthoodLight,Exploitation,HumilityAdd
Right On, Lord!Luke 14:14During Ronald Reagan's first term as President of the United States, a politically ambitious young man landed a job in [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityFaith,Exaltation,Wedding Feast,Ronald ReaganAdd
Friend Or FoeMark 7:5Humorist Sam Levenson begins one of his books with the following notice: Debate this Sunday: "There Ain't No Hell" versus [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTraditionChange,Women's RightsAdd
Inherit The EarthLuke 14:11In a New England seminary, a brilliant student, not known for his humility, became extremely puffed up when informed that [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityLast Supper,MeeknessAdd