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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Hunger BanquetMatthew 15:23The following is from an article that appeared on the front page of one of the national newspapers: If Gerry [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAExploitationHunger,Survival,CompassionAdd
Miracle Of LoveMatthew 15:28Doctor Gerald Jampolsky, a California psychiatrist, has written several books that have been widely read. After he had endured a [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithGod: trust in,Terminal Illness,Afterlife,VisionAdd
Behold, The Living God!Matthew 15:28Life makes so many demands on us these days that it is important for us to know how to replenish [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALiving GodCaring,FaithAdd
Even Every Church MouseMatthew 15:28James Thurber, the well-known American humorist, wrote a number of "beast" fables. In them he pokes fun at our shortcomings [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithDependence,Self-indulgence,Vanity,Independence,Self-sufficiency,Self-centerednessAdd
Tender, Loving CareMatthew 15:28A Massachusetts woman tells of the morning she met a male neighbor in the laundry room of their apartment building. [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithLove,Hypocrisy,Women's LiberationAdd
Out Of Order?Matthew 15:28In today's Gospel Lesson, a Canaanite woman pleads with Jesus for help. "O Lord, Son of David," she cries out,"have [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABeliefSelf-esteem,Positivism,NegativismAdd
The Laughing BoxJohn 6:54A pastor in Greensboro, North Carolina, tells this wonderful, true story of a four-year-old niece named Alisha: One day, while [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeGod: Presence of,Message,God: Word ofAdd
Contribution Or CommitmentJohn 6:58"Auntie Mame," the "eat, drink and be merry character" in the play of the same name, declares that "Life is [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBBread of LifeCommitment,Wisdom,Worldly WisdomAdd
Broken WatchesJohn 6:51In the Apostle Paul's letter to the Colossians, there is a point at which he mentions a lot of people [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPrayerLove,Bread of LifeAdd
The Road To SomewhereJohn 6:58A pious woman had a dream one night in which one of the town's best-known scoundrels died and was on [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: communion withLove,Eternal Life,Bread of Life,Sin,GreedAdd
He Did A Good Thing!John 6:54From Canada comes the story of a man who, in the middle of the night, awakened in a cold sweat [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBJesus Christ: blood ofGood News,VictoryAdd
Burning With DesireLuke 12:49As a worshipping community of Christ we come under the empowering influence of the Holy Spirit. In the first chapter [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHoly SpiritPrayer,Worship,PowerAdd
Somewhere To BeLuke 12:51,53In his book, "A Place for You," the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Paul Tournier, tells of a young student with whom [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFamilyChoice,SearchingAdd
For God's Sake, Bread!Luke 12:49,53Today's text causes us to consider one of the real mysteries in the Gospel. Here was this man, Jesus of [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChangePharisees,Hardness of heart,Radical change,Flame of love,Fire on earthAdd
Things As They Ought To BeLuke 12:49When we allow Christ to have His way with us, we are given power and strength to overcome our destructive [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCDivisionConversion,Fire,Hostility,WholenessAdd