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Show MeMatthew 14:29One sure thing we members of the clergy learn very quickly is that trying to preach a sermon that is [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithJesus Christ: Cross of,Christian Ministry,ObedienceAdd
Walking On AirMatthew 14:31Perhaps you picked up your newspaper one morning and read an editorial that went something like this: The world is [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithGood-old Days,Stress,Life-givingAdd
Yes, Yes, Yes --- We Do KnowMatthew 14:31There is a wonderful story about the Philadelphia Orchestra when it was under the leadership of the great Leopold Stokowski. [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithDeath,Love,DoubtAdd
Wonderfully And FearfullyMatthew 14:26Theodore Roethke, the American poet who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953, has written a poem called "The Sloth." It [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeATrustSloth,God's CreationAdd
Committed For LifeMatthew 14:33"Savior? -- Who Needs a Savior?" is the title of a chapter in "The Parables of Peanuts" book. The chapter [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithTrust,SaviorAdd
The Hardest Thing Of AllMatthew 14:32A popular cartoonist has depicted a large seminary campus complete with attractive buildings, beautiful landscaping, and a large pond. At [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeATrustDecisionAdd
The Saving HandMatthew 14:31Today's Gospel Lesson comes to us in the story of Jesus walking on water. Jesus has just performed the miracle [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeASalvationHope,Hands,Messiah: coming of,DespairAdd
The Most Awesome Thing Of AllMatthew 14:33A certain man had resisted driving a car until he retired at age 65. After obtaining his driver's license, he [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFearCourage,Disciples,Storm,BoatAdd