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Don't Slice It ThinMatthew 14:14After telling her class of six-year-olds the story of Jesus miraculously feeding thousands of people, the teacher asked the children [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABread of LifeCaring,Jesus Christ: image ofAdd
A Risky BusinessJohn 6:35Sometimes Jesus is called "The Second Moses." The idea is that, while the first law came from God through Moses, [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBBread of LifeParenting,Worship,Risk-taking,Adventure,MaximalismAdd
We Have No ChoiceJohn 6:35Some people don't want to get old. Some people don't want to die. You've got to do one or the [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBBread of LifeHumility,False gods,Celebrity,Idols,ServantAdd
What Strange Miracles Are These?Matthew 14:21To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle, every cubic inch of space is a miracle [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeACaringMiracles,LeprosyAdd
A Glorious VisionJohn 6:33In the teachings of Buddha, there is a list of what is called "the four sorrows." The first is "sickness." [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBCommunity of ChristRelationships,Vision,Bread of Life,Royal PriesthoodAdd
What Are We Looking For?John 6:28A California religious newspaper (The "Son" Sentinel), published an article which contrasted the living habits of two kinds of birds [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeDeath,Love,Fools,ExpectationAdd
Everybody's Doing It!Luke 12:20Once upon a time there was a king who had everything the world had to offer -- all that money [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGod: rule ofPriorities,Conformity,Happiness,EccentricityAdd
Person-centeredMatthew 14:14A preacher well-known for his moving sermons, was on a big jet plane crowded with passengers. In mid-flight the pilot [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHealingCaring,Preaching,Jesus Christ: as ModelAdd
What Am I 'here after'?Luke 12:20An elderly man confided to a friend that he was planning to live to be one hundred. The friend replied, [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHereafterLove,Wishing,Priorities,Longevity,ObituaryAdd
Caring Is EverythingLuke 12:15When Victoria, Queen of England, stayed at her summer residence, she enjoyed dressing in simple clothes (so that she would [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHindsightCaring,God: Presence of,Fools,Eternity,Riches,RegretAdd
Jesus Christ Is The MessageMatthew 14:16A generation ago, a man named Marshall McLuhan emerged as the wise man of the Communication Era. His name was [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAJesus Christ: as MessageMessage,Medium,MiraclesAdd
The Pause That RefreshesJohn 6:33Before those big, industrial cranes came into use, iron and steel workers had to load enormously heavy girders onto railroad [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBJesus Christ: power ofPrayer,BusinessAdd
The Real MiracleMatthew 14:20We marvel at the New Testament miracle stories in which Jesus walks on water, changes water into wine, raises a [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveChildren,Human BodyAdd
For The Peasants? No!Luke 12:15Henry Thoreau once said, "Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul." There was an economics professor [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMoneyPriorities,Values,Materialism,GreedAdd
The Laughter Of GodJohn 6:35A neuro-surgeon and an obstetrician were having coffee together in the hospital cafeteria. They began to philosophize over the fact [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBMourningBread of Life,Helplessness,ReincarnationAdd