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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Do It Now!Luke 9:60A member of the choir in a small country parish was hurrying into church. Already twenty minutes late, he quickly [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCPresentEternal Life,Past,FutureAdd
The Expression Of LifeLuke 9:62A famous preacher tells of receiving a letter from a parishioner which began as follows: "I listened to your sermon [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFamily LifeRelationships,Ministry of Service,God: Presence of,Reconciliation,Service,Agape LoveAdd
I Don't Feel Like ItLuke 9:58Offer to God "a sacrifice of thanksgiving," the Psalmists have written. This phrase, "sacrifice of thanksgiving," (or "praise of sacrifice," [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSacrificePriorities,Thanksgiving,Pilgrim mothers,Pilgrim fathersAdd
Say Yes!Luke 9:57The editors of a big city newspaper decided to do a series of articles on "The Typical Small Town In [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCAffirmationAttitude,Miracles,HonestyAdd
Rolling Over In His Grave?Luke 9:59,60He was going to be all that a mortal could be... TOMORROW No one could be kinder or braver than [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCDecisionsResurrection,Tomorrow,Cancer,PlanningAdd
High AdventureLuke 9:58A management consultant in Los Angeles often begins his management-trainee seminars with the story of a tour guide in an [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSainthoodGood News,Risk,AdventureAdd
Yes, It's Risky!Luke 9:58A business consultant in Los Angeles often begins his management-trainee seminars with the story of a tour-guide in an Australian [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSacrificeExpectations,Example,Risk,Work,Adventure,Safety,EncouragementAdd
Walk The Walk!Luke 9:62A man was grieving over the recent death of his dog -- his faithful friend for fifteen years. He wanted [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCDiscipleshipPreaching,Service,Followers,Kingdom,DogsAdd