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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Holy CatalystMatthew 10:4In Old Testament times, one was recognized as a holy person through his or her response to the "Law of [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHolinessLoveAdd
Nearer My Love To TheeMatthew 10:37Every week, for several years, 50 million TV viewers sat glued to their sets, watching Archie Bunker and his bickering, [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveGod: love of,Family ValuesAdd
We're In This TogetherMatthew 10:42Grandpa's eyes sparkled as he turned the pages of his new seed catalog. When he had seen it all, he [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeATogethernessBible,Father's Day (U.S.A.)Add
Any Questions?Matthew 10:42The famous poet and playwright, Archibald MacLeish, once was invited to participate in a special worship service at Harvard University's [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPeace of mindLove,Hope,Father's Day (U.S.A.),Mother's Day (U.S.A.)Add
He Meant What He SaidMatthew 10:39During his 30-year ministry, a certain pastor became known far and wide as an effective preacher: a spellbinder. Each week [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGood LifeLast Supper,ForgivenessAdd
Don't ForgetMatthew 10:37A true story: Grandfather was showing signs that he might soon need to be looked after full time. This led to [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: sovereignty ofObedience,Priorities,Disciples,Followers,FaithfulnessAdd
What's New?Matthew 10:38Once upon a time, two little sunflower seeds nestled snugly together in the soft earth ... They talked of God, the [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeACrossObedience,Example,Wisdom,News,Followers,BurdenAdd